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7th Air Force
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396th Bomb Squadron
"Lady Godiva" (B-25D-20-NC serial number 41-30778) was manufactured at the North American Aviation production facility in Kansas City, Kansas, and was delivered to the Army Air Corps on June 22, 1943.  "Lady Godiva" was attached to the 7th Air Force, 41st Bombardment Group (M), 396th Bombardment Squadron (M).  The original crew of "Lady Godiva" was 1st Lt. Art Sanislo (pilot), 2nd Lt. Louis Cochram (co-pilot), 1st Lt. Lyndon Young (bombardier / navigator), and S/Sgt Emery Broome (radio operator / gunner). They completed 13 combat missions in "Lady Godiva" before "Lady Godiva" was transferred to the 7th Air Force, 41st Bombardment Group (M), 820th Bombardment Squadron (M) in early 1944. "Lady Godiva" flew combat missions in the Central Pacific Theater of Operations from November 1943 to September 1944.  "Lady Godiva" flew combat missions again from June 1945 to August 1945 when the 41st Bomb Group was based in Okinawa.  "Lady Godiva" completed at least 77 combat missions and was the oldest B-25 of the 41 Bombardment Group (M) to survive the war intact. "Lady Godiva" was declared condemned for salvaged overseas in September 1945.

(Picture provided by Louis Cochran)

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