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396th Bombardment Group Aircraft and Crew

(As of 30 September 1943)

"A" Flight       


CREW NO. 1        B-25D-25 / 42-87275           "June Bug"


Pilot             Feist, Edwin L.               1st Lt.

Co-Pilot          Shaw, William D.              2nd Lt.

Nav-Bomb          Kirsch, MacAdoo P.            1st Lt.

Radio Op          Feay, Marc E.                 T/Sgt


CREW NO. 2        B-25D-25 / 42-87276           "Vicious Virgin II"


Pilot             Turner, Allan H.              1st Lt.

Co-Pilot          Selsted, John H.              2nd Lt.          

Nav-Bomb          Gillett, William H.           2nd Lt.

Radio Op          Graves, William M., Jr.       T/Sgt


CREW NO. 3        B-25D-25 / 42-87367           "Doc's Abortion"


Pilot             Eyer, Warren L.               2nd Lt.

Co-Pilot          Gouker, Charles V.            2nd Lt.

Nav-Bomb          Dominic, Thomas J.            2nd Lt.

Radio Op          Garrison, Robert L.           S/Sgt


CREW NO. 4        B-25D-20 / 41-30614           "Mr. Lucky"


Pilot             Holty, Stanley C.             2nd Lt.

Co-Pilot          Provost, Charles, Jr.         2nd Lt.

Nav-Bomb          Orr, William R.               2nd Lt.

Radio Op          Drake, James E.               S/Sgt


"B" Flight       


CREW NO. 5        B-25D-20 / 41-30615           "Tub's Tub"


Pilot             Seeman, George M.             Capt.

Co-Pilot          Trumble, Stewart E.           2nd Lt.

Nav-Bomb          Krebs, Joseph W.              2nd Lt.

Radio Op          Roberts, Richard S.           Sgt


CREW NO. 6        B-25D-20 / 41-30616           "Shafted"


Pilot             Millard, Archibald G., Jr.    2nd Lt.

Co-Pilot          Kummel, Bernard H.            2nd Lt.

Nav-Bomb          Doyle, Andrew A.              2nd Lt.

Radio Op          Faribanks, Glenn R.           Sgt


CREW NO. 7        B-25D-25 / 42-87327           N/A


Pilot             Casey, Vincent E.             2nd Lt.

Co-Pilot          ByWater, Murray A.            LtCol.

Nav-Bomb          Branch, Henry II              1st Lt.

Radio Op          Gill, Brienthall S.           S/Sgt


CREW NO. 8        B-25D-20 / 41-30776           N/A


Pilot             Patton, Joseph R.             2nd Lt.

Co-Pilot          Johnston, John A.             FO

Nav-Bomb          Callopy, Joseph P.            2nd Lt.

Radio Op          Buckley, Dempsey L.           Sgt


"C" Flight       


CREW NO. 9        B-25D-20 / 41-30777           "The Coral Princess"


Pilot             Bullock, Charles R.           Capt.

Co-Pilot          McMillan, Frank A.            2nd Lt.

Nav-Bomb          Ptacek, Maurice L.            2nd Lt.

Radio Op          Smith, Anthony F.             Sgt


CREW NO. 10       B-25D-25 / 42-87284           "Island Queen"


Pilot             Taylor, Harris C.             2nd Lt.

Co-Pilot          McDavid, Andrew E.            Maj.

Nav-Bomb          Miller, Melvin M.             2nd Lt.

Radio Op          Hervey, Rene L.               T/Sgt


CREW NO. 11       B-25D-20 / 41-30779           "Old Sagebrush"


Pilot             McDonald, James C.            2nd Lt.

Co-Pilot          Knickerbocker, Malcolm M.     2nd Lt.

Nav-Bomb          Thomas, Ralph W.              2nd Lt.

Radio Op          Evans, Edward T.              T/Sgt


CREW NO. 12       B-25D-20 / 41-30778           “Lady Godiva”


Pilot             Sanislo, Arthur               2nd Lt.

Co-Pilot          Cochran, Louis L.             2nd Lt.

Nav-Bomb          Young, Lyndon E.              2nd Lt.

Radio Op          Broome, Emery N.              Sgt


"D" Flight        Aircraft Type / Serial #      Aircraft Name


CREW NO. 13       B-25D-20 / 41-30809           N/A  


Pilot             Jameson, Paul G.              1st Lt.

Co-Pilot          Mona, Reuben E.               2nd Lt.

Nav-Bomb          Laird, Rollin P.              2nd Lt.

Radio Op          Leake, Zeke                   T/Sgt


CREW NO. 14       B-25D-20 / 41-30822           "Bodacius Idjit"


Pilot             Trucker, Donald N.            2nd Lt.

Co-Pilot          Moore, John W.                2nd Lt.

Nav-Bomb          McMillan, Cavour L.           2nd Lt.

Radio Op          Dowd, Patrick F.              Sgt


CREW NO. 15       B-25D-20 / 41-30823           N/A


Pilot             Murphy, Cyril J.              2nd Lt.

Co-Pilot          Kimmey, David W.              2nd Lt.

Nav-Bomb          Ferriera, Arthur C.           2nd Lt.

Radio Op          Walker, James G.              S/Sgt


CREW NO. 16       B-25D-20 / 41-30825           “TNT”


Pilot             Thompson, Thomas D.           2nd Lt.

Co-Pilot          Tappan, Robert E.             2nd Lt.

Nav-Bomb          Shirley, Everett L.           2nd Lt.

Radio Op          McClain, Donald               T/Sgt


**  Two gunners are not listed (total crew number is 6).  This is the crew roster dated 30 September 1943, before the 396th went into combat.  Changes were made to aircraft and crews in early 1944.  **