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396th Officers and Enlisted Men Missing in Action

19 January 1944


Missing after low level attack on Mille Islands:


2nd Lt.   Kimmey, David W.             Co-Pilot

2nd Lt.   Castillo, Frank              Bomb/Nav

1st Lt.   Duval, Peter                 Observer

F/O       Johnston, John A.            Pilot

S/Sgt     Quinn, James L.              Engineer

S/Sgt     Walter, James G.             Radio Operator

S/Sgt     Wages, James A. Jr.          Gunner


10 February 1944


Missing after low level attack on Taroa Island:


Capt.     Bullock, Charles R.          Pilot

2nd Lt.   Selsted, John H.             Co-Pilot

2nd Lt.   Ptacek, Maurice L.           Bomb/Nav

2nd Lt.   Millard, Archibald G.        Pilot

2nd Lt.   Kummel, Bernard H.           Co-Pilot

2nd Lt.   Miller, Melvin M.            Bomb/Nav

T/Sgt.    Hervey, Rene L.              Radio Operator

S/Sgt.    Peloski, Edward C.           Engineer

S/Sgt.    English, Henry               Engineer

S/Sgt.    Fairbanks, Glenn R.          Radio Operator

S/Sgt.    Lanier, Henry T.             Gunner

Sgt.      Cota, Floyd J.               Gunner


01 May 1944


Missing while enroute from Makin to Engebi:


1st Lt.   Trucker, Donald N.           Pilot

2nd Lt.   Patton, Joseph R.            Co-Pilot

2nd Lt.   Doyle, Andrew A.             Bomb/Nav

S/Sgt.    Repp, Conrad W.              Engineer

S/Sgt.    Drake, James E.              Radio Operator

S/Sgt.    Shields, James H. Jr.        Gunner


01 May 1944, at approximately 0601Z airplane 621, 1st Lt. Donald N. Trucker, Pilot, en-route to Engebi on a routine flight from Makin, was thought to have made a crash landing at sea when fuel was exhausted while attempting to locate Engebi.  Every effort to bring the airplane in by radar failed, as did four days of searching for the missing crew by all available airplanes.  Missing with the airplane are three officers and three enlisted men.