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Soldier's Medal


30 June 1944


General Landon presented the Soldier’s Medal to:


1st Lt.   Provost, Charles Jr.         Pilot


The citation is as follows:


“By direction of the President, under the provisions of the Act of Congress approved 2 July 1926 (Bull. No. 8 W.D., 1926) and pursuant to authority contained AR 600-45, 22 September 1943, Circular No. 159, USAFICPA, 9 November 1943, and WD Radio 712, 2 March 1944, a Soldier’s Medal is awarded by the Commanding General, Seventh Air Force, to the following named Officer, United States Army, for heroism displayed at the scene of an airplane crash on 27 December 1943.  Each, with complete disregard for his own personal safety, engaged in the work of rescuing trapped crew members by putting out the fire, a job made dangerous by the presence of gasoline leaking from the lines and by the fact that much of the work has to be done in mud and filthy water which at times reached as high as the waist.  The courage and devotion to duty displayed, reflected great credit upon each individual and the Army Air Forces: 2nd Lt. Charles Provost Jr.”



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