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Silver Star


30 June 1944


General Landon presented the Silver Star to:


1st Lt.   Provost, Charles Jr.         Pilot


The citation is as follows:


“Pursuant to authority contained in paragraph 13, AR 600-45, 22 September 1943, and paragraph 1 a, circular No. 159, USAFICPA, 9 November 1943, and WD Radio 712, 2 March 1944, a Silver Star is awarded by the Commanding General, Seventh Air Force, to the following named Officer, Air Corps, United States Army, for gallantry in action in the face of extraordinary danger.  As Co-Pilot of a medium bombardment type aircraft on a low level strike mission against a strongly held enemy atoll, he was wounded in both legs as a result of anti-aircraft fire a few seconds before reaching the target but he took over control of the plane after the pilot had been wounded in the right eye an right thigh and continued the run on the atoll, dropping the bombs in the assigned area.  While crossing the target the aircraft was hit by two more shells, one of which hit the left engine nacelle causing the wheels to drop.  With the left engine afire and in spite of loss of blood and the inability to use his legs to push the rudders, he maintained maximum power to retain his place in formation, against which at least one hundred and forty attacks were made by from about twenty to twenty five enemy fighters.  After the fighters broke off, he flew the plane to the nearest friendly base and made a belly landing with such skill and dexterity that the lives of the entire crew were saved.  During the entire flight from the target, the devotion to duty and high degree of airmanship displayed were in keeping with the highest traditions of the Army Air Forces: 2nd Lt. Charles Provost Jr.”